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welcome to the digital space of an Afro-Caribbean-futurist-decolonial-feminist

she / her / doctor 


I’m a bad gyal-scholar whose feminist intersection is decidedly decolonial. I’m Isis Semaj-Hall, a dub doctor with a PhD in Caribbean literature. I offer you…

write pon di riddim BLOG

Subscribe to write pon di riddim to keep up-to-date on topics relevant to Jamaica, its diaspora, and its African root. This is a blog for readers, writers, and deep listeners to connect. It’s for thinkers who are poised to be doers. And, in a very sincere way, this blog is for anyone and everyone who wants to expand and, if necessary, shift their perspective on African/ Caribbean diaspora realities. Click to read, think, share.


Launched in 2020, you can now listen to the riddim on the For Posterity podcast. Some past guests and topics have included: film director-artist Storm Saulter on Jamaica and futurism; Haitian writer-activist Edwidge Danticat discussing memory and migration; Jah9 with a discussion of Black love and how to love “Highly;” Lila Ike, Sevana, Naomi Cowan, Jaz Elise speaking about the myth of gender equity in Jamaican music; and Nicole Dennis-Benn contemplating identity for the migrant Caribbean subject. Click to listen, think, share. 

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Please note that all material on this site is a part of my research, is my intellectual property, and may not be reproduced without my permission. These ideas do not represent those of any institutions or organizations to which I belong.

Photo credit: Jeremy Francis

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Riddim Writer

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3 Thoughts

    1. Thank you. We forget that mourning isn’t just a word to describe being sad about a death/loss. Mourning is a process of coming to terms with it. Reading is a process as well. Reading is a process of taking in information (with emotion) and working through it to find meaning. Read in power!


  1. Dr. Semaj-H; I started listening to your podcast – Posterity – after the Kgn Creative podcast. I used to follow you on Twitter but closed my account when Covid hit.
    I just want to thank you for an amazing, thoughtful and real podcast. Please keep it up, it is needed, the women of Jamaica need you (then men can learn from you), the women in the Diaspora need you. Your work is appreciated.
    thank you!


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