dub-text (terms defined)

As a term, dub-text is inspired from my 2013 dissertation and borrowed from my current work-in-progress tentatively titled Troubling Harmony: A Dub Approach to Analyzing Contemporary Caribbean Literature.

Here, in the space of this online repository, I stretch the analytical capacity of the term dub-text to examine the context, subtext, and intertextuality of Caribbean and African diasporic existence.  Critiques that I post under the categorization dub-text are broad in scope and seek to amplify the familiar/unfamiliar sentiment that is characteristic of dub music and our reality.

Under the heading visual text  I offer the same approach to images (still as well as motion).  Capturing the dub process of construct/ deconstruct/ reconstruct, these posts are meant to interrogate how we view and capture the world around us:

See it. Pic it. Post it.

See it. Capture it. Display it.

Word choice is word power.

A picture is worth a thousand ______.

Finally, under the heading audio text I offer brief playlists linked by a common bass line, melody, message, etc. as  a way of demonstrating the cross-connections that give music the power to control our bodies yet open our minds.

Please note that all material on this site is a part of my research, is my intellectual property, and may not be reproduced without permission.  These ideas do not represent those of any institutions or organizations to which I belong.

Contact me at IsisSemajHall@gmail.com

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©2015 – 2016 Isis Semaj Hall

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