#MondayMusicMix vol 3

We meet again for another Monday Music Mix. Volume 3 already?  inshot_20190715_2046486951477894592.jpgIt’s been a busy seven days. I’ve been in and out of places and in and out of different emotions. Ain’t life rich!  As I reflect on my listening habits over the last week, it only makes sense that Grace Jones sits at the center of my musical mood.

This playlist is an alpha and omega mix. Grace Jones created new sound, new sights, and new everything for Jamaica, for black women, and for Western popular culture.  She un-defined gender and re-defined sex appeal. giphy-2She was a game-changer and deserves credit for her contribution to style of every kind. Yes, style.  Without Grace Jones, where would we be?!

Press play and slip backward and sink forward into her innovation and harmonious dissonance.  She inspires generations. Grace Jones forever.

Track 1 “This Is” (2008): This song about the line between reality and fact always provokes me.

Track 2 “Pull Up to the Bumper” (1985): Before Patra turned this into a dancehall-crossover hit in 1995 (click here for the memory), Grace Jones set di ting!

Track 3 “Corporate Cannibal” (2008): Grace Jones complicates the possibilities of words and meanings here.

Track 4 “La vie en rose” (1977): has been sampled often, notably for me by the rapper Shyne (“Bonnie and Shyne” featuring Barrington Levy) and the singer Sevana (“Carry You“).

Track 5 “My Jamaican Guy” (1982):  Jones’ hit is the song behind L.L. Cool J’s 1995 hip-hop super-smash hit “Doin’ It.” Very interesting note– L.L.’s duet “Doin’ It” is actually a remake of a female rapper’s 1988 song called “Wild Thang” and when this rapper — her name is LeShaun — was excluded from L.L.’s music video, she sued and won! Read the story here.

Track 6 “Walking in the Rain” (1981):  Classic Grace Jones meditations.


Strut. Rewind. Strut. Share.



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